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Mother’s Day

I have no words to describe how pure her love is because I have never seen love so pure and I think everyone understands this because everyone too would feel the same about their mothers.

I, for one, have been given 22 years so far to witness such love through her care, prayers, support and all else that she has given to all of us her children. My mother is a full time housewife since forever and she has been dedicating all her life showering us and papa with her love.

I still remember how I never had to do anything myself when I was still in schooling days or better, we never really had to anything because she would do it all for us. From preparing our top to bottom school attires and having them laid down on the bed to ease our morning rush, to preparing breakfast and having them ready as we got downstairs, to preparing school shoes and socks where we just had to sit down and put them on, to sending us to the main door before we left the house, to cooking for us and waiting until we were down with school, to again preparing our lunch 5 minutes in advance before we got home so that we would be able to straight away eat well heated food, to then leaving us to get on with our afternoon and to then preparing light dinner before we headed off for bed.

Such are the simple illustrations of my mother’s pure love and if that is not true love and care, I wonder what is. Thank you papa mama for always and always being there 24/7 in our lives. Thank you for loving us and thank you caring for us. Thank you for guiding us to be the people that we are today and thank you for your never ending prayers for us. I pray everyday for Allah to grant you and papa jannah. We love you both so much.



Happy Mother’s Day to you beautiful queen.

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