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*Writing this post with the intention to share about hand and foot care!*

The last time I had manicure and pedicure sessions was in March, possibly last year as well. So after long long months, I finally decided it was time to pamper my nails and toes. There are a lot of places that offer manicure pedicure services but my personal preference has always been The Nail Parlour. I guess it has to do with the fact that they hire international manicurists and there is just something with the concept of the salon (can’t really decide if it’s the pinkness or how organised it is – I think both), just very attractive.

I always go for the basic manicure and pedicure with buffing and they are priced at RM130. The breakdown is:

Manicure: RM45
Pedicure: RM55
Buffing: RM30 (RM15 + RM15)

For those who are unsure about what buffing is, it is basically the process of polishing the nail using buffers to make them look more consistent and shiny. A paste (pink cream) will be applied on our nail surfaces just before the manicurist starts the process and you will observe your nails start shining. The more they are buffed, the shiner they are. For nails they last shorter (around 2 weeks) but experience having your toes shine for about a month! I especially love buffing because I can perform my prayers without having to worry if water gets through the nail as I take my ablution (wudhu’). Back then, I thought the nail coat which also shines the nail was the same as buffing but my sister told me all nail polishes work like paint so there’s no way they are water permeable.

An additional information for all ladies, The Nail Parlour also offers Spa Pedicure. This is priced higher but we rip out a lot of benefits from this service especially if our feet suffer from callus and dead skin (where your skin becomes really dry and breaks apart and hardens possibly due to a lot of housework and not wearing slippers at home). My mum opts for this service a lot and she definitely observes a total change at her under feet every time the dead skin is removed. Pain free and they also offer short but free massages.

The biggest part of doing manicure and pedicure is having  all the cuticles removed (the extra skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail). I’m a happy girl, alhamdulillah!

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