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Nazmee is 21

*wrote this yesterday 25/08/2015 but only published it today*

I wanted to title it ‘Adik is 21’ but since he’s TwEnTy OnE I thought it’s best to just write his name…

So YOU ARE 21 TODAY BABY BROTHER GOSH – my little brother has now reached that youth/legal age!! Hmmm, who would have thought that little cute chubby baby brother of mine few years ago is now 21.. I think you’ve achieved many things in life although there’s still something that you still never quite have and we very know what that is – a girlfriend.. Hehe.

I’m feeling rather sleepy already but there is no way I would end the day without writing a blog post for adik’s 21st Birthday. We organised a 21st Birthday dinner for him a day earlier and the location this year was Victoria Station. It has been very very long since we last had our meals there so it was a good choice for a simple birthday dinner. My little brother being my little brother of course did not want to make his birthday a big thing so he initially said no to having dinner (in our defence he always requests to eat out anyway hehe) but no way that would happen dik.. Victoria Station for now and we will have another celebration with me soon enough okay? *hint hint*

Time to share pictures from the dinner!




Look at his meal. He ordered ‘Mega Platter’ which was not so Mega but it did have lobsters and steak fillets so fair enough although I feel there should be more on the plate. Good dinner for everyone nevertheless, alhamdulillah.


FullSizeRender-6Chefs/parents to be

Okay dinner done how about gifts? My sister and I honestly did not know what to get him for his birthday this year (remember the post from last year the one that we got him a phone because he was phone-less) and so after careful considerations that we thought no idea was better than ‘giving cash as birthday present’ idea – he loved it guys even I would.. Apart from the cash gift, we also got him a birthday card and a birthday cake from Baskin Robbins because he sort of said he wanted ice cream cake.

FullSizeRender-4Same ol same ol birthday cake since 3 years ago sorry boy no better cake that we could think of for you.

The highlight of his birthday however was probably what his friend whom I definitely consider as a true friend did for him. My little brother can be a little bit tricky and hard to trace because he is just different from people (in a very good way) but he is very blessed to have found a true friend like this friend of his who never ever stops looking for him since Day 1 they became good friends and soon after ‘Machas’. ‘Machas’ as defined by them refers to ‘Brothers for life’. I know for sure that he is a true friend because I’m always the one this friend of his looks for when my little brother goes missing from social media and when he switches off his phone line for his defined period of time. This friend would text me and make sure he is all alright (and probably checking if his friend is still alive hehehe).  Today he proved himself again that he is a true friend to him by coming all the way from his work place at HELP University to our house in Kajang during his lunch break just to bring him a delicious birthday cake and celebrate with him and our family. They are still going out for dinner on Friday but he still came anyway and honestly, if that is not a true friend, I do not know what is. I think this is also when the saying “as we grow up, we realise it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones” fits in.


Machas… Hehe. Thank you so much Hans Raj for being such a good friend to my brother, our very baby in the family. Your whole family and you are good hearted kind souls and may God bless all of you with good kind things in life. To adik, we wish you a very Happy 21st Birthday. You have been such a blessing to dad and mom and us your siblings and never think you are any lower than anyone else because as far as I’m concerned, you are better than everyone of us. Your kindness and selfless self makes one wonder how a person like you existed in this world and I only pray for the great things to be given to you by Allah in both worlds. Thank you for always taking care of everyone and especially for always treating dad and mum too well. You are an angel (boy version he he) sent from above and we thank Allah dearly for that. Love you and May Allah bless you always.



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