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New Year 2015 New Malaysia

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. is now I am delighted that this plan came much earlier than expected and it is all thanks to my BIL and sister for their generosity. A wonderful new year present, yes Nadia? *smiles* I’m dedicating my first post with this new domain and layout to Malaysia. The content is mainly about Malaysia and its people and I used a lot of ‘we’ because Malaysia is us for those of Malaysian nationality.

For the reason that 2014 saw many exceptional incidents happening to Malaysia, it’s fair to say that the arrival of 2015 is good as in 2014, we were hit with a number of major tests from the Almighty. It started with MH370 that was found missing and very disappointingly, there is still no confirmed news about its whereabout until today (May the One bless all souls wherever they are). Just when everyone was sort of recovering from the incident, our faith and trust were again tested when a breaking news revealed that MH17 was shot down (May the One bless all souls involved) in the holy month of Ramadan. These 2 incidents left a big scar in our hearts. Being one of the frequent travellers of the national carrier, I was of course very torn. My confidence like the rest of Malaysia was ripped but I guess this was when my parents teachings for the children to always think outside the box and to always go back to Qada’ and Qadar came into the picture. I got back to the ground after clearing my mind to think that if things are bound to happen, they will happen no matter how you try to avoid it. I have always been very proud of the national carrier and here I am still standing strong and supporting the airline. I mean, I still whine about the meals not getting any good day by day but I am still proud. After all, we are one.

In the last month of 2014, the Almighty sent to us another tough challenge – the Eastern coast and a few other states of Malaysia just experienced the worst flood in history. My heart sunk because I have grandparents and family members who were affected by the flood and I guess this is when we say ‘you will not understand better until you become a part of that something’. True. Very true. Don’t we all have that ignorance side of us, anyway? As the flood slowly subsided and most states are now going through recovery phase, little did anyone know that we would yet again receive another shocking news – AirAsia flight QZ8501 crashed into the sea 4 days ago after requesting to change route to avoid bad weather. I cannot picture the feelings of the families and friends of the deceased but may the One bless all the beautiful souls and give strengths to their loved ones.

But maybe being ignorant is a better option than being those people who care but have unpleasant comments in all issues that of course is the result from Malaysian politics hating. I’m usually quiet and I tend to listen to views from my parents that I know definitely stay within family. But again, I’m on social media a lot and I couldn’t help but noticed the minds of us Malaysians when reacting to both old and new affairs happening in Malaysia. And may I just humbly say that I am saddened. I’m only 21, too young to give out opinions as they say but everyone is entitled to one. I think all sorts of comments, complains, criticisms and opinions should be respected but I just do not agree with criticisms involving a person or rather, criticisms + condemnations involving a person that come with the use of foul language. What rights do we have in saying that this person is this and this person is that. What do we have in us to say that a person is stupid. What gives us the right to say that a person is useless to the country. What gives us the right to judge a person’s actions. What rights do we have in deciding who goes to heaven and who does not and what gives us the right to go to the extent of determining one’s fate when it is supposedly only the One’s judgment and decision.

In all sense, just why are we using foul language when we are hating.

I think that there is a fine line between genuine criticism and hating criticism. Genuine criticism is the expression of disapproval towards one’s actions based on one’s perceived faults or mistakes without condemnations and use of foul language. Hating criticisms are those involving one’s dissatisfactions towards another person that go beyond personal level. The latter, is never a healthy option. Because it ruins our mentality and how great of a person we could actually be. I never understand how Malaysians quarrel on social media. The trend as I see it has always been two and more people attacking one another when trying to back up a person being condemned by the other people. Everyone who is on social media as frequent as I am would know that this is a fact. And if I may ask, in all honesty, what benefit are we reaping from all the foul language fights. What benefit are we getting from criticising people because for all we know, our good deeds can then become their good deeds because the One never appreciates too much hating. Even as I typed this post, I already prepared myself for people’s various opinions. ‘Is she very nice herself?’ ‘Has she not done all of this too at one point’ ‘What gives her the right to say all of this’ ‘Oh, she doesn’t even understand anything’ ‘Does she think she’s so good’.

I pictured this because of all that I’ve seen happened in social media. This is indeed the mentality of us Malaysians. I’m not inferring I’m all that I disagreed to. I’m simply looking for a space to verbalise my mind and to tell the world that using foul language is not the right thing to do when we are expressing our unhappy feelings and that going too personal until we involve those whom we cannot even justify are really guilty is not good for the hearts. We may be forgiven by Him, but will we ever be forgiven by those people that we probably will never have the chance to say sorry to. Malaysia will be a much better country if we start spreading positive energies. Malaysia will be a much better country if we support one another. Malaysia will be a much better country if we love our country enough to think outside the box than just feeling content with continuous anger and dissatisfactions which just mean tonnes of fights on social media. I am one of the many who feels very touched and happy to see the spirits of Malaysians in helping those involved in flood be it through money support or prayer support. Now, that is unity. That is Malaysia.

Going to end the post with Happy New Year wish to everyone.


May 2015 see a rising and united Malaysia again. May 2015 bring us back all the trust and disappointments that have been lost. May 2015 bring everyone complete happiness. In shaa Allah and Amin.

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  1. BIL January 3, 2015 at 6:15 am #

    Happy new year from Hyderabad

    • dianadiadia January 3, 2015 at 3:37 pm #

      Happy New Year BIL hehe

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