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Our Founder is 29

I make it a point to blog today because I just realised how fun it is to get to read back old posts. I seldom go back to my blog to read what I once typed before but I actually did today and wow there’s so much enjoyment in recalling back past memories. And guess what, I just read all the comments that you dropped me, thank you sincerely guys you are my motivations to keep writing (and sorry that I did not get to approve them I’m so bad I know..). I realised how I’ve quite matured in writing and how I can still polish the way I structure my sentences.

Anyway back to the main point of today’s post, my brother in law aka Maxora’s founder is 29 today! Happiest Birthday to you BIL. I can’t find the actual words to describe my relationship with you except for ‘love-hate’. Haha. You, kakak and I would know why but I just want to say that whatever it is, I think you’re such a genius and super efficient and attitude like yours are rare to come by. Maxora is definitely blessed to have you on board and it would not have been where it stands today if not for your major contributions.

A little story regarding the little surprise that my heavily pregnant sister had planned yesterday. My sister being the last minute person that she is (but somehow always manages to excel I don’t know how) texted me after Subuh and asked if I was going to be free to accompany her to Bangsar to buy a birthday cake and card for my BIL. The perks of being self employed entrepreneur is your time is fairly flexible and I without any pause said yes. Cancelled my usual morning breakfast plan with my parents and got in the car by 9.30am ready to fetch my sister from her place. Arrived at Troika a bit late due to jams – read: Jams in Malaysia are getting horribly bad. I mean how is it still jam at 10am and I shall not add about how jams also happen during weekends.

We went to Bangsar because my sister wanted to get a chocolate/coffee cake from Jaslyn Cakes at Jalan Telawi. She rang the shop on our way there and of course we could not get one when they told her cakes at Jaslyn should be purchased through pre-order basis (3 days to be exact). “Haih why am I always last minute” – Dr Nur. Hahaha. She dialled Levain instead and she was lucky they could reserve the cake that she wanted for afternoon pick up (told you she always manages). Took a stroll around shops in BV2 for sometime and we decided it was time for early lunch because we got too hungry.

I noticed instagrammers have been posting  about this new cafe place to try out, Dotty’s, which belongs to the F&B expert Nadia Nasimuddin and made our way to TTDI. We got there safe and sound but found out it was closed and that left us two hungry ladies having to bear our hunger for the next 20 minutes before we could arrive at Pavilion.. Pavilion because my sister wanted to look for the yet to be decided birthday gift. We had Japanese for lunch at Kampachi which was exciting enough as I really missed my bento box. My family except for my dad, sister and I does not fancy Japanese food and so we never really get to have them here in KL.

IMG_5760Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll yums! IMG_5740Craving fulfilled! Thank you for the treat kakak.

Our happy tummies meant we were ready for some birthday gift hunting. My sister could not decide what would be the perfect gift until we came across a shop that we might have noticed but never cared about before – DC Comics SuperHero. I guess this is what expecting a child/nephew did to us yesterday, we actually entered the shop and even found the perfect gifts for my BIL and baby nephew (it’s not your birthday baby nephew but you’re loved already). I think you can quite tell too by now – my sister got her husband and child matching Superman t-shirts yeap! I thought that was a brilliant idea rather than buying gifts which my BIL already has all.

FullSizeRender-4Hehe this looks like the kind of shop mommy is going to enter soon, not handbags anymore!

IMG_5768So so so cute!

Done with that, it was time to go pick up the birthday cake from Levaine. That went by easy and fast and I dropped by my sister’s place to help carry everything up. My sister rang her hubby before heading back and luck was again on her side as he was out meeting his work colleague. She hid the cake in the second freezer and just when she had a good feeling about the surprise, he said ‘let’s go for groceries sayang, I want to buy my watermelon….’ (post 4 hours after I left my sister’s place). In the simplest terms, my sister had to tell BIL about the cake because he would have found out anyway when unpacking their groceries. Hahaha.


Happy Birthday again to you my one and only brother in law (valid since I have only one sister)! I hope you enjoy the cake and your day today although I know you’re working on something for Maxora now. Men really find birthdays to be just as other days huh.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.26.33 PM

May Allah shower you with continuous blessings, success and happiness and may you and kakak be an awesome daddy and mommy in shaa Allah!

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