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Papa is 5-0

Mentioned in the previous post that my dad’s birthday is on the 17th and here it is today! He is currently in Kota Bharu and will hopefully be back today. I’m making it a point to write a post for this amazing king and to have it shared on Facebook because just like my mum, my dad too uses my Facebook now and I’m certain he will read this blog post.

For his birthday this year (and just like other birthdays in the past), we really d0/did nothing much at all. He is such a simple and humble man and birthday is just like another usual busy day. Proof? Hmm yes he’s busy working now and might have forgotten about his birthday if the family did not wish him in the morning.

Papa – he is our pillar of strength, our backbone and really just our everything. He takes superb care of us all and this family would not have been who it is today if not because of him.

Papa – he is one very loving man, very honest, very sincere, very kind, very fair and very very generous person just like my mom. He almost never says no to our wants and would instead try his best to give and give and give. I remember how it was when my sister and I were younger and he had work overseas – he used to always buy us cute matching tops (in different colours) and gadgets (kakak, do you remember our identical Olympus cameras back in 2007?) And then there was my sister’s graduation in 2008 where she got a new limited edition handbag as graduation present while in Paris and I got nothing but my dad being my dad, got me a bag too. Hehe.

Papa – you are one in a trillion and you are our greatest blessings in life. We know how much you put in everyday just to ensure we are all happy and content. Thank you sincerely for all the advice, for all the prayers and thank you for your love and dedications.

Moving on, my dad is officially 5-0 today and we got him an iPhone and a new car. Okay only iPhone he got the car himself.


He lost his iPhone 6 sometime in September and said no to buying a new phone. He settled for his second phone for a few weeks and my mom told me that she should be the one buying him a new phone because he would never buy it himself (Pa, I wish I was half as sensible and good as you hehe). The initial plan that my mom and siblings had was to get him an iPhone 6 because there really is not much difference between 6 and 6s. Allah however must have blessed the intention because what he got was actually the latter. I went to Machines KLCC and it happened that that day was the day that iPhone 6s and 6s+ were officially launched in Malaysia. Apple that time held back all their 6 stocks for a few weeks already – you see the trick there.. They knew people would contemplate to get 6 or 6s. Got home and he was so so so happy when we handed him his advanced birthday gift.

FullSizeRender-7No lies there, that is one super happy man in the picture. 

IMG_2475Also one happy man in his new car.

Happy Birthday again pa! We pray for you to always be happy, healthy and wonderful and may Allah grant you and mama the highest ranks in Jannah amin.

P/s: After syncing all the data from iTunes to my dad’s new phone, my mom asked me to download Facebook app on his phone she complained my dad took her phone to use Facebook. So friends, if I miss your updates, it must be because my parents have scrolled Facebook timeline before I do.. Gotta love my adorable parents hehe.





And gotta love my family.

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