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I recently had a conversation with one my best friends Siu Ling and it was regarding the concept of “realising your blessings and to count on them”.

I must say it is so so true. I mean let’s ask ourselves – how many times in a day that we complain? I don’t think anyone at all has a complaint free day except for the few selected ones.

If the weather is too hot, we say it is too hot. If it suddenly rains and it halts us from doing what we have to do, we say why does it rain now. If the food we get doesn’t taste as good, we say the food is yuck.  If we drive and we come across impossible drivers, we curse at them. If work is too hectic, we say why is our job not as fun as others. Truth is, almost everyone will complain just about ‘something’ everyday.

As humans, I think it is fair to say it is fine to complain because we are driven by ‘nafsu’ or desire. We desire many things and mostly we desire for what we feel is best for us. However, what sounds right to me is that it is fine only to a certain extent. You should stop complaining when you feel it’s taking up your energy and when it drains the supposedly amazing self that you are.

Many people are wishing to be in your shoes. Many people crave to have what you have. Many people actually admire your life. I guess the actual problem lies in us being all about “looking up”. And guess what, I think the existence of social media is making it worse. For example, we keep seeing the top celebrities or some really wealthy Instagram people posting about luxuries that they experience and when we actually have enough, we tend to feel we don’t have enough. Simply because “oh I don’t have that but they have it”. At some point this is healthy if it drives you to be more motivated about life but the moment you feel negativity kicking in, red light there and it’s time to “look down”.

Truth is there are so many people wishing to be you. To have what you have. I recently went to Melaka with my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the kinds of people roaming around the street. While they struggle hard to ask for just a few ringgits from us to survive a day, we spend a few hundred ringgits on just one lunch or dinner. And yet we complain life is bad.

As I write this I am trying hard to remind myself too. I think I easily complain and whine when what seems hard to me may be nothing to the rest of us out there. Sometimes I feel life is difficult for me when difficult is actually what others would be so grateful of having. Extracted from Siu and I’s conversation as I was driving her to the airport:

“I think as humans, our tendency to be unhappy about things is just top notch. We forget to look down all the time. Best thing to do when in doubts or worries is to look down and realise our blessings and to count on them. That way, we would feel more thankful to God and feel that God has actually given us more than enough. And hey, be surprised when you find that life’s actually so good!”


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  1. Sarah May 7, 2016 at 11:42 pm #

    Totally agree, Nadia. I realized its true when they say the only way to be happy is to be content with the things we have. Often times, while we may not see any good in the way things work out, indeed Allah is the best of planners. And His knowledge and wisdom is beyond ours, so all we need to do is just trust Him and have faith.

    And also, its because of these less-than-perfect moments that we start to appreciate the times Allah made it easy for us.

    May we be among those who are grateful, insyaAllah.

    • dianadiadia May 9, 2016 at 10:53 am #

      Hi Sara,

      Thanks for dropping by. Indeed I like how you link it all to Allah. Sometimes I feel that we never really understand what Allah wants or has planned for us because often we want something that’s against what’s actually good for us. While believing in Allah’s plans is what would actually make us feel content and worry-free, it is not that easy to be that simply because being human means your faith gets tested all the time. However in shaa Allah so long as we believe in Allah and we have him in our hearts, we will get up stronger and stronger each time no matter how much we fall down. I’m reflecting this a lot to myself as I type this.

      Hope all is great miss you.


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