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Post Exam life

Greetings!! Hope everyone is having a great day so far, put a smile on that face now ^.^

So, I had my last last ever exam last week which means I am now done with my degree in shaa Allah! When my friends and I first stepped out from the exam hall after that last exam, we felt strange.. Like huh… No more classes no more having to go to library and no more studying… We had that sense of freedom and we were wondering what we would be doing to kill our time. Some of my friends already secured jobs here so hooray and congratulations guys, I’m so proud of you! As for me, in shaa Allah, I will be starting my work soon enough or maybe I have actually started at some point. I shall spare the details for the next post and my upcoming posts will be a lot about what I will actually be doing after this with my BIL, BIL’s cousin and sister. Let’s hope and pray that all will go well! For now, I’m just going to post pictures of the 1 week degree free kind of life that I’ve been having so far.

FullSizeRenderFresh out of the exam hall face. Love my girls!


So much love for this fine lady right here. She came only during final year but I fell hard for her.


Looks like I won’t be seeing Mahir for a long long time. I’m grateful to have our paths crossed Mahir and I wish you all the best in your BPTC next year in shaa Allah!

On 15th May, I had a farewell dinner with few of the classmates (most of them did not turn up!) and lecturers. Our class is pretty small with only probably 30 full timers so we are quite close to one another especially after the Berlin field trip last year. Thank you for the memories, guys!


Thanks for organising Hana and Leon!


Oh I did not mention about my sister’s return on the 13th (yes that was right after my exam!). It’s really good to have her back and we are now in the process of moving out kind of packing while she prepares for her Viva that is due to happen on the 25th. Good luck kakak! I have full faith in you, you always manage and do very well. I’m again grateful that we came here at around the same time and at the same place and we are/will also be done at the same time in shaa Allah.




We had our Bristol appreciation weekend and actually took a real stroll around the market. Having lived in Harbourside, we sometimes forget how wonderful Harbourside is especially during weekends. We will really really miss you Bristol, you are the best city to live in the UK, indeed and you will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Thank you God for this beautiful path that You planned for me. I was always about London and London and London before I came here for my studies and did not really enjoy the fact that I would be doing my degree in Bristol. Little did I know that Bristol would give me so much happiness and contentment. I love every bit about my university and my life here alhamdulillah.



I brought my sister to The Cosy Club Bristol and she loved it. Everyone should visit The Cosy Club because the name itself is self explanatory, cosy… and the restaurant’s interior is so charmingly English!

Okay I should get going now. I’ll be back writing soon again hopefully for something very interesting. Good day ahead, lovelies!

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