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Don’t know what happened to me but I’ve just found passion in baking. Don’t know for how long either but I’ll take it as it is now. Because I enjoy baking now, I decided to prepare raya goodie bags for my dad’s friends this year. It’s a yearly routine for him and he mostly outsourced cookies/cakes for all the previous years. Now that he has a daughter in law who is good at baking and a daughter whom he sees in the kitchen almost every week  exploring and trying out recipes, he got inspired to have everything homemade. 
My sister in law however has just started work again (like I said in my previous post) so she couldn’t commit to this request. Thank you to her support and tips, I took the task all by myself and came out with these goodie bags in the end. Nothing extraordinary and in fact very ordinary but I’m happy with my effort. 

Okay so in the goodie bags, there are 3 types of cookies (all very easy to make cookies): 

1) Thin and crunchy chocolate chip with walnuts cookies

2) Honey cornflakes cookies

3) Florentine cookies

And also a box of brownie each. 

They are safely delivered to all papa’s friends and what a wonderful feeling it is to receive sweet and appreciative messages from them for the goodie bags. Thank you for trusting me papa! 

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