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Shoe heaven

My sister was so excited to get to Harrods when we were on our London trip, thanks to her in laws for mentioning about the newly refurbished 5th floor in Harrods. The whole floor is indeed all about shoes and I saw my sister experiencing ‘rambang mata’ moment the whole time we were there. I on the other hand knew I could not afford anything from there so no pressure!

I think that Harrods did a good job with this idea. Women love love shoes and it’s just attractive to see everything organised in one stretch. But of course it means you got to have stable pockets or you would end up walking out from Harrods feeling all ‘ahh I wanted that Manolo Blahnik sigh’ – exactly what my sister faced. It was our first time encountering this designer brand by the way and God, the collections are gorgeous! I loved the flats I saw there but I died instantly when I saw the price tag. Hehe.
You see what I mean? Rambang mata..
Our usual trips would normally consist of lunch or dinner at Malaysian restaurants but our tummies still had some connection with Malaysian food so we decided to have our second Burger and Lobster session instead. My humble suggestion is that you head to the Knightsbridge branch inside Harvey Nichols because it’s less crowded.
£20 per portion and I think it’s a decent deal for the size of lobsters they offer us. Alhamdulillah, it was a good short trip for us before reality strikes soon!

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