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Sunday funday

Had an early start at the City Centre with my sister today for her appointment. We got hungry after that and decided it was time for brunch. My sister stressed out from the start that she wanted egg benedicts and I suggested Patisserie Valerie but she didn’t fancy the idea. In the end, she got what she wished for and we had brunch at Frankie & Benny’s and I just thought maybe I should blog about it considering we enjoyed and liked their breakfast menu.

They don’t do Eggs Royale which was quite disappointing but they had flat mushroom option which was not a bad substitute to smoked salmon. My sister on the other hand had Poached Eggs on Toast. I think it wasn’t so much the eggs benedict, she only wanted eggs, yes, as long as eggs. And she loves eggs so much that she had 3 eggs. ‘Oh God, 3.. How come they give 3? Too much for me *silence* But I can do this’.
Big portion for a tiny girl like you kakak. And see, 3 eggs…
The bill came and was surprised that it was only £11. Definitely a plus point whatnot with other awesome things about the restaurant such as great and fast service, pretty ambiance and good selections and portions of food. Their lunch and dinner menu are also impressive and I remember one time that I had lunch with my sister and were happy with our lunch!
My sister also had other agenda at the Centre. She wanted to look for a birthday gift for one of her friends, Marina. They met as flatmates when they did their degree at Queen Mary eight years ago and became best friends. I love their bond, they hardly meet but they love one another and their birthdays are also just a day apart. Marina is 1 day older than my sister, I guess that’s the reason they click so much. We spent about an hour looking for Marina’s birthday gift and we came home with not one but two!
I initially didn’t want to write about this part but I thought I could share about gift ideas in case anyone of us is looking to get someone a birthday gift. Marina being a Russian girl that she is loves make up so much so my sister got her a cool make up set from BareMinerals although she probably owns a lot of make up tools already (always exciting to have more and more when you love make up). We never gave attention to this brand before but we did today and even chose it for Marina. They do a lot of good gift sets at a very decent price ranging around £20-£50.
We chose this because the salesperson recommended it. The kit includes one Primer, one waterproof Eyeliner, one mini natural LipGloss, one double ended precision Eye & Cheek brush, one Eyeshadow as well as one all-over face colour. All this is amazingly priced at £32.
My sister also got Marina stud earrings from Pandora. ‘Marina is very kind to me, she got me a lot of things in the past’. I instantly agreed to the idea too because I love Marina and decided to chip in some money for the earrings. Gorgeous, don’t you think?
We also treated ourselves to this very nice Milk Tea on the way home! There are two places to get good Bubble Tea in Bristol. One at Cupp Tea Bar in Broadmead (opposite Apple Store) and the other one at Little Chinatown in Nelson Street (below Wok Express restaurant; previously Shanghai Night). Everyone should try the tea from both places because they don’t taste the same. Some may like Cupp Tea Bar better (more milk less tea) and some may like bubble tea from Little Chinatown better (more tea less milk).
Was a good Sunday overall.

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