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Switzerland Day 1: Geneva – Bern – Interlaken

Sisters’ trip No 1: Brussels (Belgium)

Sisters’ trip No 2: Prague (Czech Republic)

Sisters’ trip No 3: Amsterdam (Holland)

Sisters’ trip No 4 (+1 bro): Nice, Cannes (France), Monte Carlo

Sisters’ trip No 5: Geneva, Bern, Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Zurich, Lucerne (Switzerland)

As I promised myself before, I am now in front of my laptop to blog about my Swiss trip. All praises to Allah for those many wonderful opportunities to get to travel around Europe with the best sister in the world. We make it a point every year to try to travel to as many cities as we can. Family trip is a different story and of course, we miss it so much and are looking forward for the next one soon, in shaa Allah.

I’m going to try to be a help to those who are planning to travel to Switzerland because trust me, you will want to know the details before you visit that one of a kind, kind of country. Lucky me because my sister did the whole researching and building up of itineraries before hand and that was the smartest move one could make when planning for Swiss trip. Before I go further, I just want to highlight that Switzerland, you are so beautiful and I will remember your beauty as long as my memory works fine. The best country so far, you finally out league Prague.


1. My sister and I took a flight from Bristol Airport to Geneve Aeroport because it was the only city that EasyJet catered for Bristol routes. A plus point if you’re in London because EasyJet flies to most Swiss cities. The flight duration for Bristol – Geneva was 1 hour and 40 minutes. We took the first flight in the morning at 7am and arrived in Geneva at 9.40am local time.

2. As soon as we arrived in Geneva, we headed straight to the train station counter to get our Swiss Pass. Swiss Pass makes you feel like a king there because you can do almost anything and everything with it. We bought the 4 days passes because we were there from Friday (30/1/2015) until (2/2/2015). Swiss Pass is priced reasonably to me considering the fact that you can travel all around Switzerland with it and it also entitles you to most free public transports facilities, i.e, trams, buses, trains and boats. Here is a screenshot of the price catalogue for the Swiss Pass. Alternatively, you can click here:

My suggestion is to just purchase your Swiss Pass at any of the airports. Their railway system is so amazing that everything is made easy and convenient. We headed straight to the Geneve Aeroport train station counter, bought our passes and then off we were to our first stop, Geneva city centre.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.51.33 AM





Very posh cabin don’t you think? Yes, because this is 1st class cabin. We went inside and wondered why was it that there was no one in it. We realised it was 1st class cabin and lucky us that the train officer did not come yet to check on our passes or otherwise, we would have been chased out to our actual cabin, 2nd class cabin. Hehe. But Geneva city centre is just one stop away from Geneva airport so the poshness lasted only for a good 3 minutes.

3. We arrived at Geneva city centre train station and dropped our luggages at the lockers.


Very convenient, cheap and easy to use self service facility. How does one not constantly feel in love with the country. Our goal was to spend a few hours exploring Geneva town and especially its famous lake. It did not take us that long to discover Geneva, just 3 hours and we felt familiar with this expensive city already.


Quai du Mont Blanc


8Lake Geneva




4. We headed back to train station to collect our luggages and then we caught the next train available to Bern. If I may note this, always fret not about knowing your train time. By just Googling for example ‘Geneva to Bern train time’, it will list you all that you need to know about your next train – time, duration, platform, stop, destination. I have so much respect for how well Swiss Railway system works and they are also very very punctual. If it says 1pm, it leaves at 1pm on the dot. The railway station is also user friendly and there are officers everywhere to help you (at one instance, they came to my sister and I instead to ask if everything was alright). So next stop for us, Bern!




5. We did not see much of Bern as we were rushing to our actual intended destination, Interlaken. Took the next train available and I shall let the pictures below do the talking of the picturesque train ride.


Typing the word Interlaken gives me so much scenic feeling again now. How I miss this city and I shall say that Interlaken is my favourite Swiss city. It’s a little town but that’s why it’s beautiful and the view that my sister and I saw here made us appreciate how great and powerful God is. The word SubhanAllah came out a lot of times and helplessly. We made a complete smart decision by deciding to spend 2 nights here.


I really recommend Hotel Beausite. It’s not a big hotel but the service is tip top and I did what I never did before – I left rating and comment for this hotel at We arrived in the evening, checked in, had complimentary coffee and cakes at the coffee house, walked around the town, showered and prayed before finally dozing off early because we knew Day 2 was going a long long day.


Goodnight, Interlaken.

Day 2 story to be continued in the next post.

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