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Switzerland Day 3: Lucerne and Zurich

*Deep deep and sincere apologies for the super super delayed continuation post!*

9. It was our 3rd day already. We checked out from the hotel after the simple but yummy breakfast and headed to Interlaken West station. Took the train to Interlaken Ost, got down and changed to another train that would bring us to our next stop, Lucerne. It took roughly 2 hours and at 10am, we said Hello to snowy snowy Lucerne!

Confession: The pictures below were taken after we luckily managed to get early check in at the hotel. It was such a blessing that the room was already available upon our morning arrival because we were soaked – the snow was extra heavy as we walked for what took us 15 minutes from Lucerne Station to Best Western Hotel Krone. I’m certainly not a ‘make up’ person but I do love mascara and lipsticks a lot and I had those on my face that day and yes.. My face was 1/4 stained with mascara and I do still think that the reception person silently laughed at my sister and I and pitied us too hence the early check in. Hehe.





Although Interlaken got my heart, Lucerne was beautiful too. It is almost like Geneva except that Lucerne is slightly more modernised.

10. We wanted to go to Zurich so much other than wanting to maximise our Swiss Pass and so we did go to Zurich. Explored Lucerne in an hour and then we took the next available train to Zurich. Lucky us as the train duration was only 50 minutes. While on the train, my sister asked me to research about things-to-do in Zurich and TripAdvisor suggested us to head to Uetliberg Mountain as we could get the best view of Zurich from up here. I then Googled if Swiss Pass would be enough to take us there and what more could I say when it stated ‘Valid with Swiss Pass’. Truly amazing. Tip for everyone wondering or planning about the trip: There are direct trains to Uetliberg in the Zurich train station itself and they operate every 15 minutes. My sister and I straight away changed platform and then..



It was snowing, yes. Heavily, too. So, there was no way we could have the beautiful view. What we did was we walked around the area and had lunch and left after less than an hour. Advice: Please go early in the morning, guys. On a brighter side, I had a good cure to my disappointment.



It was this really really cute little boy *insert love is in the air emoticon*.

11. Okay, so we arrived back at Zurich Station. It was a Sunday and we knew we could only go sightseeing (goodbye shops). We came out from the station and it was already the central shopping point in Zurich and by walking until the end of the street, we were told that it would be Lake Zurich that we see next. Easy peasy, so convenient. Switzerland is just so tourist friendly.


Hmm, what can I share about Zurich.. It is a top notch, posh feel kind of city! It really is almost like London but prettier. You can really feel that it is a metropolitan city compared to the rest of Swiss cities. Geneva too has all the designers shops but Zurich has all the shops structured in a much high class style. The last picture that shows me standing in the middle of street is the street that I am talking about. Designers in one pretty stretch.


Lake Zurich! Do you see the buildings that I see? The area is a business centre area. As told by my BIL to us, Zurich is the financial centre of Switzerland and that should explain why Zurich is more metropolitan.

12. Good 3 hours in Zurich and it was 5pm which meant it was time to head back to Lucerne. Arrived at Lucerne station around 6pm and we had Fish Burgers at Burger King before calling it a day.

13. Our flight back to Bristol was at 3pm and from Geneva Airport. I’m now going to reiterate the beauty of Swiss  railway system again because there is a direct train from Lucerne to Geneva Airport. Yes, not even Geneva town but Geneva Airport. How very very convenient, I now completely get why it’s described as an exceptionally amazing railway system.



Bye bye Lucerne, bye bye Geneva, bye bye Switzerland! Thank you Allah for letting me experience the best holiday yet so far. You changed my views about the world and Your Greatness after seeing all those beautiful creations by You. I pray that this opportunity arise again in the future – probably ski trip with the whole family? In shaa Allah.

P/s: Hope the 3 posts are or will be useful for everyone soon *insert smiley face*.

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