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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 2

Part 2 will be first about malam berinai for my sister. Nothing formal just my sister, my cousin and I.

The inai person is really really talented if anyone is looking for inai person. Her instagram is @faizahalim and she now has 7k followers. I asked her while she was doing the inai ‘so have you ever made a mistake’ and she replied ‘alhamdulillah never yet so far in all the years I do this job’.

And part 2 will also be about the small majlis kesyukuran, keberkatan, marhaban and doa selamat that my dad insisted on organising since the first time the wedding idea was voiced out and just 2 days before the wedding, it happened.

Alhamdulillah for the honourable and special guests acceptance and agreements to be present on the day. It was a big blessing to my dad especially and the whole family. May Allah bless them for making time for us all and may Allah bless my dad for the hard work he took to realise his dream.

Our dad always reminds us that no matter how amazing we try to do anything, we must first try our best to get Allah’s blessings and in shaa Allah, He will smoothen things for us. Thank you pa for this event.

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