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#syazwanibazil wedding Part 6 – Official Videos

Avicenna Studio worked on producing the 2 videos of the events. Happy clients, thank you Avicenna.

Video 1: Proposal + Solemnisation

The Proposal video was created by the groom and embedded into the solemnisation video. He proposed to the bride while on their holiday trip at Exmoor National Park. Pictures courtesy of Nazmee Mazlan, our little brother, who joined in the fun and took shots from some hidden spots.

Video 2: Groom’s side reception. Theme: Black Tie

It’s now time I disclose ‘Surprise 3’.

And yes, Surprise 3 was the performance delivered by my BIL’s long time best friend (12 years) at the wedding reception. He serenaded the crowd with the song – ‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you’.

My all time favourite song by George Benson. You have wonderful friends kakak and abang Bazil. Friends for keep definitely.

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