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Langkawi Retreat Part 2

Such a good and sound sleep after the massive dinner that I spoke about in the previous post! Parents woke us up for Subuh prayers and my baby brother and I decided to make an early start by having our breakfast sharp at 7.30am and then to our morning swim. Breakfast at Vivanta by Taj hotel was without a doubt a variety although my brother kept stressing out about it capable of being better. To me personally, it is always about pros and cons. This hotel may have this and not have that and likewise for all the other hotels.

iphone 5167Strawberry milkshake and dim sum, yummy!

iphone 5179My attempt at doing some cool yoga like post which did not come out too goodiphone 5190Conquered the pool

My sister and I booked for parasailing and jet ski water sport activities at 4.30pm (you can do the booking at the ‘Activities Counter’ near the reception) to avoid the afternoon heat. That meant having some time to kill and we still had a few hours before we had to return the car and so my family decided to again exit the island and visit shops in the main land.

iphone 5215

iphone 5214

Spot the ‘Underwater World’ signage! I have to say that I love the Pantai Cenang touristy spot area because it has lots and lots of restaurants and of course those shops too. My dad drove us to Kuah (17km from Pantai Cenang) but we did not get down the car, we were literally there to just get the feel and bring back memory. We straight away went back to Pantai Cenang to do some window shopping and guess what, we had lunch at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant again.

iphone 5223

iphone 5224

I highly recommend their Butter Prawns – so good! We finished lunch by 2pm and we made our way back to the hotel by catching the boat at 2.30pm. 2 hours passed by and we were ready and excited for our most awaited water sport activities. Headed to the hotel lobby and the ever friendly staffs took us to the Marina area where the parasailing boat and jet skis were located at. (I love that everything about this hotel belongs to this hotel and everywhere is not far from each other.) I’m not going to write a lot, I think the pictures would justify my points about how amazing and absolutely fun and exciting the whole experience was. The bird’s eye view was magnificently beautiful, gosh birds are so lucky to get to see so many wonderful things from above!

iphone 5241Met the Marshall at the Jetty Point and we got on this cool yacht. Cool yacht = cool pose (justified).

iphone 5247Cool yacht part 2 = cool pose part 2 (justified)

iphone 5249And now to the fun part. We got close to the Marshall so they were so friendly and fun to us. I tell you, he took 200 photos of us. This meant free time for my preggy sister because her job was initially to be the photographer.

iphone 5252“Wohooo, we are going to fly fly fly brothers!”

iphone 5256Shot 1 – Less than a minute post ‘departure’ (what a term hehe) and we were already at this height.

iphone 5257Shot 2 – How much cooler could this photo get? We saw so many planes up there and they felt super close to us. The Marshall told my sister that we could have shared the same height as the aircrafts if he let go of the rope.

iphone 5266Shot 3 – So the Marshall asked if we wanted him to navigate us down and onto the sea water. Before my brothers could say anything, I said “YES please”. No regret.

iphone 5272Shot 4 – “We’re going downnnnnn”

iphone 5276Shot 5 – No regrets. Okay maybe a bit. Guys, I forgot how high the pH for sea water is. It was soooo salty. The water splashed on my face and my eyes felt so strained for a few minutes. As for my hair, well, from soft it went to rough.

IMG_0030Shot 6 – And we did it! I thought that this one was more tense than the parasailing I did in Sabah but it was really fun, alhamdulillah.

iphone 5281Shot 7 – Post-parasailing. Preggy sister wanted a pose with the brothers.

iphone 5285Shot 8 – On to the next activity. Jet ski briefing. This one took my guts away because it was my first time. Same for the brothers.

iphone 5313Shot 9 – All set, let’s go! The Marshall was there to watch over us and he told us to just explore everywhere we wanted to. We got to the middle of the sea and it was nerve wrecking in the beginning what with the rather harsh tides, I felt like falling off the jet ski anytime. I really prayed hard to Allah that please please please do not make me fall because although there was life jacket on, it would still be terrifying to be falling off the jet ski in the middle of sea. How did my brothers do? Well, they ski-ed like they were having some racing match.

We finished both activities by 5.30pm, thanked the Marshall for taking care of us and we came back to the jetty point to our sister. While walking back to the hotel, we saw our parents walking towards the 4 of us “ambil angin petang” they said. All of us walked back to room 306, refreshed ourselves and called the day off – too tired already.

I asked my sister to accompany me for an evening stroll around the beach and my sister took this amazing shot of me (I mean the background is amazing).

iphone 5298This is apparently everyone’s favourite spot and where couples can enjoy candle light dinner.

iphone 5373One with my one and only sister whom I love so much.

In summary, it was a wonderful trip, alhamdulillah. It really had been a while since all of us properly got on a proper family holiday together although the BIL could not join the trip. Just words of advice to future Langkawi travellers: Vivanta by Taj is suited for you if you are looking for a calm and serene and not “shopping + visit attractions” holiday as it is on a private island. If you are looking at doing “visit attractions” holiday, I do personally think it is best to stay at hotels that are located in the main land.

IMG_0245Farewell and thank you Langkawi!

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Langkawi Retreat Part 1

Assalamualaikum, good day readers! I have just got back from Langkawi trip with family and I want to update now itself so that I don’t get lazy and not post at all by the end of the month hehe.

We chose Langkawi because my sister wanted to go for beach holiday and she had been saying that for the past few weeks. My BIL was in London and my sister refused to follow him (I know! How could you kakak it’s London). It was honestly fair enough because we recently just came back from the UK following our graduation ceremony in July and travelling for my sister now is not as smooth sailing as she is currently 4.5 months pregnant. The planning for this Langkawi trip was not that easy. It was so last minute and we kept changing locations before we finally came to our decision to have our family holiday in Langkawi.¬†Reason: my mum. Hehe joking ma.

Back to the story, yes, we only bought our flight tickets 20 hours before departure.. My brother is working at Malindo Air as a pilot and he has told us that he is entitled to 6 free family tickets to just any destination that Malindo Air flies to. That being said, we initially wanted to use this privilege but we were told by the HR people that only parents are able to use up this golden opportunity. No problem about that as my sister, baby brother and I could just buy our tickets online but the actual problem was to apply for that free tickets for my parents required 5 working days notice. The HR staff really got on my nerve by the way guys… Fine that the policy is 5 working days notice and we gave 4 working days notice but the HR staffs were not being helpful. They asked us to follow up the next morning which I did only to get told that “Miss, please call again tomorrow CEO is not in”. I rang again the next morning and it was the same answer and I rang again the next next morning and it was still the same answer. My brother went to the HQ himself after and it was still the same answer that he got from them. At this point, my mum told us to just cancel and buy normal tickets for everyone but even to cancel was tough and I think I really really got mad at the HR people. Rang them one last time and said bla bla bla I’m flying in less than 24 hours I have waited for 3 long days bla bla bla I need confirmation if you cannot confirm please just cancel it I want to proceed with buying tickets online for everyone. I am a person who does not use foul language and I’m thankful I did not curse considering how mad I was at that time.

So anyway, I proceeded with buying normal tickets and God must have given some blessings after those stressful moments because the price tickets were rm200 cheaper. The excitement started to build up and by 1pm the next day, we were here.

iphone 5047Not here.
iphone 5056Well, not here too.iphone 5045But here.

Breathtaking, isn’t it? Alhamdulillah, we stayed at Vivanta by Taj this time around. It’s a hotel that is on its own private island – Rebak Island. I googled this image in advance and I actually saw this little island when the plane was descending down during landing. We arrived at the airport and there was already someone waiting for us at the arrival hall to bring us to the hotel.

iphone 5059Cutie.

It only takes around 1o minutes to get to Port Cenang from Langkawi International Airport. Port Cenang is the port that would get Vivanta by Taj customers to the hotel. This is an additional 10 minutes but 10 minutes of fun because of the boat ride. Before I forget, there are scheduled times for the boat ride (approximately every 1 hour interval) and the last boat from Port Cenang back to the hotel is at 7.45pm so you have to plan your day really well.

iphone 5062

iphone 5064

iphone 5073

iphone 5076

My family and I were greeted by the beautiful marina view (refer picture above) at Rebak Island Marina port. There were hotel butlers waiting to handle our baggages and to bring us to the hotel reception (via buggy). We arrived at the door step of the hotel and we were assisted to the check in table and gosh, the check in process was actually really good. In summary, the whole hotel pick up and check in service experiences to me were excellent – we did not have to worry about anything and were constantly being taken care of by the friendly staffs. Our villa was massive and definitely great for 6 people. We got the pool side view and we were lucky because straight on view after the pool was the sea.

iphone 5088Room 306

iphone 5102
Balconyiphone 5081Doorwayiphone 5087Living areaiphone 5084Bedroom 1 (Yes that’s my sister)iphone 5083Bedroom 2 (Yes, that’s my dad)

iphone 5109

The cutest toiletries I’ve seen so far.

It was 2.30pm and everyone was getting hungry. My dad being the must-have-food-whatsover got worried because there is only 1 restaurant at the hotel and to go out from the island required proper planning and so we chose to first have lunch at the hotel restaurant and dinner in the main land.

iphone 5092

iphone 5095

Vivanta by Taj is owned by the Taj group which means you would find a good selection of Indian food on the menu. We had Chicken Briyani and it was not bad at all although the flavourings could have been better. Lunch ticked and so we headed back to our villa to rest and do our planning for our evening.

My dad asked me to ring the hotel receptionist for car rental (Advice: Guys, don’t rent in advance. Decide at the hotel) and we scheduled to have the car at Port Cenang by 5.30pm. We exit-ed Rebak Island and managed to do some snacks shopping before going for dinner in the main land. The last boat was at 7.45pm and I would say the timing was just nice WITH the condition that you stay only at Pantai Cenang tourist spot. This spot is only 5 minutes from Port Cenang and lucky us again because the restaurant that we had always wanted to have seafood at is located in Pantai Cenang.

iphone 5150

iphone 5152

iphone 5161

iphone 5157

Orkid Ria completely blew us away again even after so many years. The steamed fish was madly delicious and the lobster was super good, thanks for the treat daddy!

All of us got super tired by the end of dinner because we ate more than our capacities and we drove back to Port Cenang to catch the boat back to the hotel. I will write Part 2 (it’s a fun post I promise) in the next post and leave Part 1 with these additional pictures of the hotel that I took for everyone’s future reference. Catch me in the next post alright!

iphone 5099

iphone 5104

iphone 5105

iphone 5107

iphone 5128

iphone 5139


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