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Thank you, Polo

My sister and I’s most treasured valuables went away from us a few weeks ago.


Sigh, my heart just dropped again as I copied this picture here on my blog. Yes, our Volkswagen Polo is officially not here anymore to bring us around. Even though this car was bought by my dad for my sister (second hand car and this car is 13 years old), I ended up using it more instead for uni purpose where I drove to uni for my 1st and 2nd year. The trend was to drop my sister at her office and I would then drive to uni and then fetch my sister again from her office before driving home. We also used to visit London and Bicester Village a lot with our Polo and it was very handy whenever my family came here for a visit. Why.. Hmm because although our flat is located just 5 minutes away from Park Street, my dad would err.. still insist to drive there. My mum on the other hand loves loves loves walking so we would go separately but reach there at the same time – my dad and brothers mostly would leave the flat 10 minutes after we left. Hehe.

I miss you Polo. I know I made fun of you countless times before because I never really liked how your eyes were (read: headlights) but don’t people always say those who don’t really like each other are those who would be dear to our hearts? Same case here. I actually really appreciate what you did for me and I hope you remember the little sweet moments we had together when I was cleaning you and apologising to you for not being proud of you. Back to your eyes, I just couldn’t help it despite the fact that they were really cute. At least to mama who loved you and always defended you whenever I criticised you. The family used to joke around where we said the bigger headlights represented my sister’s eyes and the smaller ones represented mine considering I have ‘sepet’ or chinked eyes.




Last few moments with Polo where my sister and I washed and cleaned the car together. I hope your next owner takes very good care of you. I will never forget you, I promise, and thank you for being great to us. I’ve been taking the bus to uni since the start of final year and  and I cannot deny how convenient it was to have you especially when I was late for group meeting last year and I had you to save me. To know that it’s not going to be like that at all now, it really means that I have to be more disciplined but looking on a bright side, I definitely equally enjoy this life too and should be thankful for all that God has given me, Alhamdulillah. Farewell now, our lovely Polo.

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