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You can take my seat

It feels like it was just yesterday that this happened.

Yeap, walking to College Green bus stop where my sister and I usually wait for our buses to unis. Lucky her as her buses pass by almost every minute and then she would leave me waiting for my 19 and 72 that sometimes go up to 20 minutes.

And then today,

We are back home safe and sound for the Christmas break, alhamdulillah. A little story as we got on the plane of the same usual thing that never fails to happen for the past few years. I got the window seat again and everyone would think that the older siblings would always give up seats to their younger siblings but No. Not for my sister. I already took my seat (this time ‘don’t care’ face on although I already felt bad and wanted to offer to her and fine, I actually did a few seconds after) but then I gave it up to my sister.
“Kakak, do you want my seat?”
“No, it’s fine adik. I can sit here”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah.. *there was a 2 seconds pause* or why not, you take my seat and when we want to sleep, you take back your seat”
That’s it, sounded just more like her..
“Oh is it? Never mind, you can just take my seat”
“Really? Okay! Next flight your turn, thanks”
Has that ever happened kak? Okay, once, maybe. Hehe. But honestly, one really wouldnt have the heart to say no to her. She’s such a small petite girl compared to me who’s obviously big. In the past, people would always think I’m the older sister and I would feel soooo hurt. She’s 6 years older guys! But now and especially after she got married, that has reduced significantly and people would guess we are about the same age but when asked who’s the older one, they would say my sister *happy dance* *no pain in the heart anymore* I guess I don’t look old, she just looks young.
Okay Nadia.
You see what I mean. Tiny girl.
Had to put up this one, a taste of heaven, no kidding.
One of my dearest friends, Angeline, texted me before and after my flight (too sweet, love you!) and she’s off to Switzerland today for the break. And soooo, Happy Holiday everyone! Wishing you a good good Christmas break wherever you are.
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