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Zachary’s 1st Birthday Party

A delayed post as always! 

Sooo where shall I begin… Basically the party was a huge success alhamdulillah. It really was a fun and happening one. Initially we thought of organizing BBQ with family at home but there was this one fine day that my family had lunch at Hotel Bangi Putrajaya (previously Hotel Equatorial Bangi) and my mum casually got an idea and suggested for the birthday party to be held there. We really like our dim sum/lunch there and are definitely familiar with the hotel. 

January is a celebratory month because we have these special dates in line:

3 January – My big brother’s birthday 

4 January – My sister and brother in law’s anniversary 

20 January – My brother in law’s birthday 

22 January – Zachary’s birthday 

27 January – My parents’ anniversary 

Because of these celebrations we thought of holding a more special get together with family members with the spotlight angled at and for Zachary’s 1st Birthday party. My dad approved of the idea and my sister took the lead in securing a room at the hotel for the party.  

We always know this hotel offers really good Chinese food at a fairly reasonably price. That said we were very very happy with the food service that night and it was a good feeling to hear our family members passing compliments on how much they enjoyed the food. Alhamdulillah. In terms of the room review, I must say we couldn’t ask for more. Very good room in terms of size and layout! They have a number of rooms that can accommodate from 20-100 guests. Ours was for 50 people and it could even fit a giant sized bouncy castle. 

Speaking of bouncy castle, yes we rented a bouncy castle for the kids to play and it was the best decision made because all they did was jump and slide throughout the party (gave all parents the chance to eat and mingle freely). For anyone who’s looking for bouncy castle, you can just search #bouncycastlemalaysia on Instagram and you shall find about 4-5 business pages that provide rent services for bouncy castles. Currently the rent price is between RM350-500 depending on the size for 3-4 hours rental time. 

Moving on to party planner, we opted for Wondermamacandybuffet again (my sister’s baby shower’s party planner). As this party was more for kids, we made sure to have the customised dessert buffet table. And speaking of theme.. The theme for the night was ‘football and jersey’. We notified everyone of this and thank you dearest family for coming in jerseys that night. 

I’m about to share photos now! A few of them are from my own collections while the rest are from our photographer for the night, Azim Sharif. My sister got his contact number from her friend and you can search @azimsharif on Instagram shall you like his work! 

World’s coolest grandmother award for our dearest Grandma. My 75 year old grandma really shocked everyone that night. Thanks Che for coming in jersey! 

Urmm yeah uncles.. We get it that you’re all young too. 

As you can see, we were wearing different football team jerseys. I have to say that a lot of us was in Arsenal jerseys but Liverpool had to win that night since the birthday boy was wearing Liverpool jersey (thank you Uncle Azrul for Zachary’s jersey). Too young to decide according to his uncles but a son’s gotta support what the dad supports huh haha. 
Before I end the post, I want to credit myself (ahem ahem) first for both Birthday and Anniversary cakes. Anniversary cake turned out nice but Zachary’s cake didn’t turn out too well. I still slap my forehead whenever I see the uneven fondant layer on Zachary’s cake but I’m happy that I didn’t give up at least. Fondant dear.. you were super difficult to deal with. 

So yes, that’s it about Zachary’s 1st Birthday Party! Zachary, if ever you’re reading this in the future, I just want you to know how very lucky you are to be blessed with wonderful parents, grandparents and family members. Mama Ya prays you grow up to be an amazing amazing person inside and out just like they are in shaa Allah. 

Happy growing up baby boy. 

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